• Paul Mailman

Benefits of Neutral Posture

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Eliminate pressure on the spine:

By shifting into a neutral posture, you can reduce the forces of gravity acting on your spine and vertebrae, helping to reduce pressure and relieve pain.

Reduce back pain:

In a study conducted by the Portland Research Group, 58% of people who own a Perfect Chair report either reducing or eliminating their regular use of painkillers for back pain after spending time in neutral posture each day.

Reduce swelling:

Raising the legs to a neutral posture position can help those suffering from swelling and inflammation in the lower body to improve blood flow and rest more comfortably.

Muscle relaxation

Without the stress of supporting the body against gravity, muscles are able to fully relax, enabling stress reduction and improved recovery.

Tension relief

Many of us carry stress in our neck and shoulders, which can be exacerbated by poor sitting posture and "slouching.” By choosing a neutral position, these muscles are able to relax and recover more effectively, reducing stress in the process.

Improved breathing

While in neutral posture, pressure is reduced on the diaphragm.

Increased circulation

As the body shifts into neutral posture, the heart is no longer forced to work against gravity to pump blood up from the legs.

Improved sleep

The reduction of stress on the spine, and the back pain that occurs as a result, can greatly improve both the quality and quantity of sleep on a nightly basis.

Headache prevention

Reduction of pressure in the neck and shoulders has a positive impact on helping to reduce the severity of or completely eliminating headaches.

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