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Nothing Can Compete with a Cardillo Weight Belt!

There’s more than one reason why a Cardillo weight belt is worn by every Olympian and Arnold winner since 1992: unsurpassed quality, style, durability and warranty. No other training belt comes close.

Derived using only the finest hides and tanning methods, our handcrafted leather weight belts aren’t like those mass-produced ones sold at big box and sporting goods stores. We refuse to sacrifice quality over quantity, and only produce our weight belts in limited volume monthly. The full process takes months to complete (14-16 weeks), and ensures you receive a quality product that will last a lifetime.

Cardillo Weightbelts is the leading manufacturer of customized, hand-crafted, high quality weight belts made in the USA. We have been producing weight belts since 1987 and pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and customer service.

Our Clients

Our client list reads like a Who’s Who for professional athletes, celebrities, wrestlers and individuals who demand a high-quality product that can be customized to their unique personality. In short, a Cardillo weight belt is a reflection of its owner.